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Many people are trying to receive an answer what are the best characters in AFK Arena but explanation is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. First of all it should be explained that in this game you have a few stages of the game. Some champions are bad in early stages of the game but really shines in late stages, some of them are really good from early to mid game but then are getting outshined by other heroes.


Of course, this does not mean that we are an oracle and some other hero who is low in the ranking will not prove to be effective, but looking at it in more depth – you have a better chance of success with recognized heroes.



Like we wrote few paragraphs above, we have to divide this question into specific stages of the game. In early game every champion can work better or worse, however these differences are insignificant at this stage because at this moment of the game you are progressing so fast. Let’s focus on the answers to question about strongest champ for other stages of the game, starting with:

Mid game level 61-160

We think that at this moment of the game the best here is Saveas (although he can only be maxed to level 160), he is amazing mid game carry, when he is overleveled he is going to melt his enemies with his enormous attack speed and high damage. Later you can use him as a fodder for your future late game carries.

Late game level 161-240

This is a moment when Shemira is really starting to shine. After level 161 she gains an ability to restore 25% health from damage dealt with her ult. Not only she is damaging 5 enemies at once with her ultimate, but she is also leeching 25% of the damage output! Support her with any hero that can help her with energy regen (to let her use her ultimate skill) such as Rosaline, Rowan and she is going to wipe enemy team! She really excels in Labyrinth mode and she is one of the best even for the endgame!


Endgame level 241+

There is no clear answer who is the best hero for the endgame, different heroes can work for different scenarios. Check our Best Endgame Heroes Tier List to see a heroes ranking which should help you make your own decision!

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