AFK Arena Stargazing Room

Stargazing Room

Stargazing Room is a room situated inside The Noble Tavern. In this place you can use a function called Stargazing and try your luck with Stargazer Cards or Diamonds for different type of prizes that includes Heroes, Mythic gear, artifact fragments and even more! The principle motivation to utilize Stargazer is getting Hypogean and Celestial units. Most of them are the strongest heroes in the game but the opportunity to get them from common summons are staggeringly low.

You can use Stargazer feature after you finished Chapter 15 in the campaign or acquired VIP Rank 13.

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  1. Stargazing Cards or Diamonds can be utilized to in stargazer process. You are able to get characters, artifact fragments, Mythic Gear and much more by using stargazing feature.
  2. There is an opportunity to gain 30000 Diamonds (yes, 30k it’s not a mistake!) as a reward when you are stargazing.
  3. Do not attempt to use Stargazing Room with Diamonds until you obtain a sufficient amount of Ascended Heroes, until then just make use of Stargazing Cards and leave Diamonds for The Noble Tavern pulls.

If you tap on the upper right icon you can change stargazed hero to any character (with exception of the Dimensional Faction). Just choose your Hero from the list and you will guarantee yourself a chance to receive this unit.

Stargazing Room tips

1 pull here costs 1 Stargazer Card or 500 Diamonds. There is no advantage for pulling 10x times in terms of price (it costs 5000 Diamonds, so still it is 500 multiplicated by ten) but we recommend to not go for single pulls, because we have seen better results with trying ten at once.

If you don’t have at least 10 Ascended Heroes you shouldn’t use Diamonds in stargazer process and utilize them in The Noble Tavern. Awards from Stargazing Room appear to be astounding, but you will get more advantage by simply effectively usage of this shiny in-game currency for typical 10 pack pull until you (and your units) will be more experienced. 

For which Hero should I use Stargazing Room?

There is no clear answer for which hero you should stargaze for. There is a 2% chance to get character of your choice so when it comes to math, you statistically obtain hero from stargazer every 25000 Diamonds or every 50 Stargazer Cards. We suggest in this room to focus especially on Celestial and Hypogean Heroes because these factions have a lower chance to be obtained in other ways.

At this moment overall the strongest hero is Talene, but we think that it won’t last forever, new heroes are being added at a surprising pace, so it’s probably a matter of time when a hero stronger than Talene will arise.

We recommend to check our AFK Arena Tier List to have the latest information!


Your Selected Hero x1: 2%
30000 Diamonds x1: 0.01%
Mythic Gear x1: 0.07%
Artifacts Fragments x1: 3.5%
Arena Ticket x2: 5.01%
Rare Enhancement Tokens x1: 4.5%
Elite Lightbearer Card x1: 0.8%
Elite Wilder Card x1: 0.8%
Elite Mauler Card x1: 0.8%
Elite Graveborn Card x1: 0.8%
Large Crate of Gold x2: 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero EXP x1: 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero’s Essence x2: 4.5%
Rare Lightbearer Card x1: 2.25%
Rare Wilder Card x1: 2.25%
Rare Mauler Card x1: 2.25%
Rare Graveborn Card x1: 2.25%
Small Pile of Gold x5: 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero Experience x2: 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero’s Essence x5: 9.36%
Common Enhancement Tokens x50: 9.36%


A Mysterious female stargazer frequents the secret room at The Noble Tavern. No-one knows the name of this stranger or from whither she comes, but her prophecies never lie. It is said that her crystal ball is magical. Rub it gently, and the desires of your heart will be revealed and come true.

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