AFK Arena Rickety Cart


AFK Arena Rickety Cart in Ranhorn

The Rickety Cart is located in Ranhorn City. This “building” have multiple uses, it allow player to retire, reset or revert their heroes based on what they need.


Common tier units can be retired to free up space in your heroes bag and to give you Hero Coins that can be exchanged for Rare or Elite Hero Soulstones in Store.

There is an option to automatically retire new common heroes and we cannot recommend this enough. Just turn on this option and forget about these green useless characters!

AFK Arena Hero Retire


After resetting everything you have put into this hero is going to be given back to you – including Hero EXP, Hero’s Essence, Hero items and gold.

Thanks to this feature you don’t need to be worried about investing in bad heroes, as long as you have 20 diamonds in your pocket you can reset any owned hero every time!

AFK Arena Hero Reset


This option is for people that ascended a wrong hero by mistake. By usage of this feature you can revert back ascension to elite tier and fixing mistake of duplicating Ascended heroes. After revert you will also get a specific number of Rare cards for the faction that this reverted hero was.

This function is available when player obtain two Elite+ Ascended tier units. The cost is 500 diamonds for each reverted character.


A Rickety Cart, travel-worn and ramshackle. This convenient form of transport can be seen throughout Esperia. Countless thousands of hellos and goodbyes have been spoken on a rickety cart.

In times of strife, when warriors would be forced to leave their loved ones behind and head off to faraway lands, they would leave small personal tokens behind on the carts, as a way to be remembered by others if they were unable to return home. If the warriors were unable to return home, the tokens would be returned back to their families in their stead, thus allowing their memory to live on.

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