AFK Arena Guild


AFK Arena Guild

Guilds in AFK Arena are supposed to group players and let them interact with other people to gain more resources and complete events. When you have a guild you can participate in the Guild Hunts, share your champions with other members of the guild and partake in many other activities including seasonal events. Worth noting is that all Guilds are cross-server, this implies that players can join any organization from various servers. 

Making a new guild costs 500 Diamonds.

When completing Daily Quests, players contribute Action Points to their organizations, helping them getting into higher level and unlocking second boss besides Wrizz – Soren.

Beside the conspicuous social advantages, joining a guild will get you an option to the Guild Store and Team Hunting in Guild Hall. 

There is also another room here called The Twisted Realm where you can fight world bosses.


AFK Arena Guild Store

From this store you can purchase incredibly great gear. The prizes will increment in quality after passing specific moments in the campaign. Things are purchased with Guild Tokens, which can be gained in Guild Hunts. Guild Store is opened after stage 2-20.

Legendary+ gear is going to arrive here after stage 10-22, Mythic Gear will come after 12-2 chapter, Mythic Tier 1 Upgrade Stone after 20-60 and Mythic Tier 2 Upgrade Store after beating 25-60 chapter. Generally piece of Mythic Gear costs around 31k with the exception of Dimensional Gear that occasionally is being seen here – this equipment costs 80k. Faction bonuses are not listed in store, they can be randomly rolled while buying. It is important to get gear with faction bonus to not cripple yourself in endgame.

It is refreshing every 24 hours but if you want to refresh it manually it costs 100 Diamonds.



This is where players are permitted to battle a boss with their heroes. Guild Coins can be gotten by partaking in this hunting. Players can fight bosses twice or even 3 times if they reached VIP 6 status. As of now there are two bosses accessible in a Team Hunting: Wrizz and Soren.

  1. Guild members are able to donate one guild activity point for every normal activity point they acquire. The amount of guild points that can be accumulated per day is limited to the amount of members that are currently in the guild.
  2. The Guild Master or Guild Deputy can use guild activity points to open events such as “The Lost Soul” via Wrizz and are refreshed daily.
  3. Once the event is open, each guild member can freely participate up to three times.
  4. Players will be able to manually control their heroes ultimates.
  5. When a Boss life drops below a certain amount, it will be able to cast a buff upon itself.
  6. Defeating the boss can reward you with gold coins, diamonds and gear.
  7. After the event has finished, each player’s respective battle performance will be calculated. Those players that dealt the highest damage to the event boss will receive bonus rewards.
  8. Any guild coins collected can be used at the guild store.


AFK Arena Wrizz


Wrizz the Desecrator, the infamous goblin corpse looter whose guile is matched only by his unquenchable thirst for all things gold, will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the shiny stuff.

He will often be found lurking in wartorn areas of the kingdom looting the valiant fallen heroes of Esperia, so that he can make what was once theirs his own.

Although skittish by nature is adequately equipped to defend himself if required and the utmost caution should be used when approaching him.


AFK Arena Soren

Soren can be opened after guild earn 9000 Activities Points, when guild mates gather enough points, a Guild Deputy or Master can turn it on.


Soren was as brave a squire as any, but what set him apart was a sense of limitless curiosity. Young and foolhardy, he sought ever greater and stranger foes to fell, artifacts to unearth, and mysteries to reveal.

He sought only knowledge, and left the glory of his feats to his liege. It was in this course of things that he met his current fate. Unsealing a tomb avoided by the locals because of the strange lights that danced around it during the crescent moon, he was struck by the spiteful, millennia-old curse that animates him to this day.

Soren is now a putrid facsimile of the young man he was two hundred years ago. The only things about him that remain unchanged are his courage, his recklessness, and his unbridled curiosity.

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