AFK Arena Gear Enhance

Gear Enhance

We realized that numerous players struggle with gear enhancing, In this guide we will answer your questions e.g. what to enhance and how to do it. Actually it is really important to use gear upgrading strategy wise otherwise you will end up with an empty purse of gold. 


AFK Arena Gear Enhancing Example

Items can be improved by usage of Enhancement Tokens or by feeding other pieces of equipment. Additionally depending on how much you want to raise Enhancement Grade for specific item the number of gold you have to spend is increasing. Improved gear have rank level portrayed as a blue star on the right side of the icon. Every rarity of gear can be enhanced with exception of the two lowest: Crude and Common.


The most common mistakes in upgrading gear would include improving gear that will be bad later in the game, upgrading Mythic items without faction bonus, wasting gold on upgrading gear before Mythic Tier and even destroying good item to feed another one.

You should focus on enhancing your boots as the first item, second should be a weapon, third helmet and armor last.


Equipment gets an opportunity of having a faction alignment. If a unit of specific faction equips this piece of armor or weapon and their faction overlaps, the item attributes are increased by 30% when equipped. It is extremely important to use this bonus so better check if gear on your heroes match their faction!



AFK Arena Strengthen Gear

Mythic Gear have a possibility to improve further than with typical Enhancement. You can upgrade your gear up to a higher tier by using specific stones – this feature is called Strengthen. This function is restricted to Mythic gear only. Do not waste these Stones for Mythic Gear that does not have faction alignment, certainly you do not want to cripple your chances to get faster into higher campaign stages.

Strengthen Type of Gear Prioritization:

When you want to strengthen your gear to T1 you should follow this path:

Boots > Weapon > Helmet > Armor

There is a little bit different order for upgrading to T2:

Weapon > Boots > Helmet > Armor



  1. Never spend diamonds for gear not even for mythic equipment. These trades are awful and you have many more opportunities to use your diamonds for.
  2. Do not buy any equipment other than Mythic – On early stage of the game just gather guild coins for later use in Guild Store.
  3. Don’t waste gold on upgrading gear which is not Mythic and factionless – This is important, you need to remember that you have to aim not only for Mythic items but also for their Faction in order to get faction bonus thus making this item much better. 
  4. Do not worry if you have many equipment with different faction type that you would need. Later in the game you are going to obtain a one Reset Scroll weekly and it can roll faction type of specific item to random one.
  5. Never feed Factioned Mythic Items to fund upgrade of others, you are for sure going to need them for late game for different type of heroes. Of course for example if you are using only 1 Mage character from Lightbearers Faction in your current formation you are not needing at this moment second Mage equipment, but… Do you like gear swapping every time when you want to try new strategies? You are needing multiple pieces of the same faction gear anyway, this is a must if you want to succeed in getting into higher levels of Faction Tower.
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