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AFK Arena Faction Advantages

At this moment AFK Arena have 7 hero factions. Every unit belongs to a faction and has the ability to receive buffs due to Faction Advantage. Faction Advantage means that each hero can have 25% damage boost versus characters of a given faction.


  • Graveborn deal more damage to Lightbearers
  • Lightbearers deal more damage to Maulers
  • Maulers deal more damage to Wilders
  • Wilders deal more damage to Graveborn
  • Hypogeans deal more damage to Celestials
  • Celestials deal more damage to Hypogeans

Yes, it is not an error, Hypogeans > Celestials, Celestials > Hypogeans – it is true. Kind of confusing logic, but it happens.

Heroes from Dimensional faction are not affected by factional advantages or disadvantages. They are not dealing more damage to other factions and they are not getting more damage either.




 InfoFaction Bonus
AFK Arena Team Faction Bonus 3When 3 heroes of the same faction ally together in a battle their attributes will be increased
ATK + 10%
HP + 10%
AFK Arena Team Faction Bonus 3 2When 3 heroes of the same faction and two heroes of another faction band together their attributes increasedATK + 15%
HP + 15%
AFK Arena Team Faction Bonus 4When 4 heroes of the same faction band together your attributes will be increasedATK + 15%
HP + 20%
AFK Arena Team Faction Bonus 5When all 5 heroes of your formation are the same faction your attributes will be increasedATK + 25%
HP + 25%
AFK Arena Celestial FactionCelestial heroes can be viewed as a Graveborn, Lightbearer, Wilder or Mauler hero when increasing factional bonusesViewed as other Faction Heroes
AFK Arena Hypogean FactionHypogean heroes will not activate any other faction's bonuses but will give all allied heroes the following effects based on the amount of Hypogeans currently in the formation:
1+ Hypogean Hero in formation
Defense +30%
2+ Hypogean Hero in formation
Energy recovered when injured +25%
3+ Hypogean Hero in formation
Crit Raitng +15%
4+ Hypogean Hero in formation
Critical Strike Damage +30%
5 Hypogean Hero in formation
Haste +15
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