AFK Arena Best Teams


Here you will find a guide that will show you many team builds for this game that function marvelously and can help you progress easier and faster. Utilizing best formation teams in AFK Arena is really important if you want to reach endgame faster. The main rule in making a strong lineup is to utilize the faction advantage (minimum 3 units from the same faction) and possessing one carry hero. Of course there are deviations from this rule, but they are really rare (in some captain stages you would need to swap a champion or two to pass further). Most of these team compositions are viable up to even campaign’s chapter 35-36.

We realize that you probably don’t have all the heroes listed here but you and treat it also like a long-term plan on which heroes you should focus.

Most of these top AFK Arena teams really shines in the majority of game modes including:

  • Campaign mode / PvE
  • Arcane Labirynth
  • King’s / Faction Tower
  • Twisted Realm Bosses
  • Guild Hunts
  • Peaks of Time
  • Voyage of Wonders
  • PvP –  Legend’s Challenger Tournament / Normal Arena of Heroes

We would like to split this best team guide into two sections: PvE and PVP.


AFK Arena Placement of Heroes


The numbers at the bottom of the hero’s avatar represent their position in the formation on the battlefield. These are the most optimal settings for your character in these formations, but sometimes you may have to modify it a little bit and move your characters around in places in order to pass through certain stages.


GOD COMP (AFK Arena Whale P2W)


With no questions, this is the best team formation in 2020 to use to push campaign stages, it’s about utilizing Ezizh’s passive to forbid enemies from using their ultimate abilities while simultaneously recovering energy via Rowan, Twins and Mehira. Talene is the main damage dealer carry here (but she’s also healing your team), Mehira is also used for CC and Haste buff. The God Comp name comes along with the Lockout Comp name because the enemy team is going to be mostly stunned through the fight because of Rowan’s and Mehira ultimates. However, if they are not stunned, they are still not able to cast their ultimates due to Ezizh passive. While enemies are locked out, Talene is going to take them out. This team is the hardest obtain, because it relies on 4 heroes that are not coming from the main factions but overall it’s the best meta team to get.

Eironn Comp


Typically you are pairing Eironn with Safiya but in this team build we are going to build a team around Eironn and use him as a main damage dealer. Adding Rosaline to work with Eironn increases CC duration done by your team (through Eironn ultimate ability). You can even place other heroes to work with Eironn as seen in second and third comp such as Saurus, Ferael, Zolrath even Athalia even when they are not listed here.

Thoran Cheese

Thoran cheese is about utilizing his ultimate ability power to defeat your enemies. His ultimate “Retaliation” redirects damage taken by Thoran to nearby enemies while casting his final ability. That’s why you want to have heroes with some kind of pull in your formation to bring enemies as close as is possible to Thoran. Lorsan is also a really good pickup because of his Link ability, you can damage linked enemy even when enemy foe is out of Thoran ultimate ability range. While casting he is immune to control abilities and he receives less damage. His Signature Item gives him a perk that he cannot be killed during focusing phase of “Retaliaton” ability. Good thing is to have his SI leveled to 30, because it allows Thoran to avoid death two times in a battle and makes this tactic more reliable.

The problem with this strategy is that this tactic is extremely RNG dependent and relies heavy on having luck. When you want to use this team comp you must prepare yourself that you will have to repeat stages very often and multiple times because of the dodge mechanic etc.

Tidus + Skriath combo


This is a great AoE team comp, but there are some prerequisites that have to be met. First condition is to have 3/9 Skriath’s furniture to let Eironn suck all 5 enemy team heroes. Second one is not typically necessary, but without Eironn’s 30 level SI you are going to have a harder time to keep enemies locked (at 30 lvl SI freeze time from Eironn ult is increased to 4 seconds). It is a good team comp for endgame when multistages come to reality and you need important heroes in second team (such as Tasi, Rowan etc.).

Energy Team F2P


It is one of the best team early for free to play players because it is not utilizing any heroes from Celestial/Hypogean/Dimensional factions. Rosaline is using her ultimate ability on Rowan thus he is ulting like a madman and giving energy to everyone. Rowan and Tasi gives CC, Ferael prevents enemy team from regenerating energy. In this PvE team formation you are going to swap Lyca and Rowan many times depending on which enemy champions are you going to face. It is advisable to have Rowan’s SI on lvl 30, Rosaline’s on at least +10 and Ferael’s on level 20.

Izold Carry Team Comp


In this AFK Arena formation you are going to let Izold carry you as a one man OP solo army. However, the most important requirement must be marked at the beginning, without which it is impossible to do so. To start utilizing this Izold formation you need at least his 3/9 furniture, although it is recommended to have it 9/9. Signature Item is also important here, because on his 30 level he becomes unable to be controlled, so he is immune to charms, stuns and other CC and becomes unstoppable machine!

Gwyneth & Arthur Team Comp


Gwyneth here is a main carry, buffed by Arthur. Arthur is required here because of his SI that’s increasing attack frequency & Crit Raiting of normal attacks for allies standing behind Arthur by 50%. In terms of best team formation for Gwyneth there are several variants here including Talene, Ferael, Estrilda. You can even put Safiya or Belinda in place of Lyca to have more damage in your formation. Talene is a really good choice here because she can help your heroes survive and let Gwyneth do her job.

Daimon Comp


Daimon is literally a one man army in this formation. You can place him on the frontline when enemy team does not have much damage to let him gain energy faster and give an opportunity to place other champs in backline who wouldn’t be useful when placed on frontline. The main tactic here is to play with toughest tanks and let Daimon deal AoE damage while tanks are taking the damage.

Safiya & Eironn Team Comp


Safiya is one of the best damage dealers in the game so definitely needs to be created a good team comp to utilize her. Safiya and Eironn work together in this endgame team comp perfectly thanks to Eironn’s Vortex and Safiya’s Spectral Disruption. Eironn pull enemies to him into Safiya’s barrier to improves ally attack damage and decrease enemies offense. On top of that there is a damaging shield from Static Field ability which stacks on few enemies when pulled by Eironn. This is one of the best formation for Free to play players which gives ENORMOUS burst damage with really good CC. This team comp is not relying on Celestial/Hypogean/Dimensional heroes because his core heroes are Eironn, Safiya and Rowan so it’s a really good formation to be played without spending real money in the game to get heroes from mentioned earlier faction. One of the best campaign team for players that are not willing to spend money in this game.

Flora Survival Team Comp


This formation is based on controlling the fight and scaling defenses and damage as the battle goes on. This situation permits Flora to persistently deal damage to enemy team and reduce their haste with her furniture bonus. The most important thing to note from here is that this formation is one of the best if not best AFK Arena Team Comp to beat notorious God Comp. Flora immunity to Crowd Control and Damage while in air plus tankiness of your 4 other heroes are the terror for Lockout Comp. To try this team formation you absolutely need Skreg’s furniture on 9/9 level, without that  your heroes on the floor won’t be as successful like they should be. Enemy team is massively slowed due to massive haste reductions from Orthros and Flora.

Khazard Carry Team Comp


It’s one of the top arena teams with Khazard as carry hero. Khazard with his SI and furniture gives a tons of Crowd Control when he use his ultimate ability. It’s a really good team to use in multistages, because you don’t need Rowan here. Arthur is here to take damage and buff Khazard’s Crit Chance for even more CC on enemy team. Lucius is going to bring some defenses to whole team to let them survive damage from their opponents. It is advisable to have Khazard SI at level 30 and furniture 9/9. It doesn’t matter to whom Rosaline will stick to (with the exception of Arthur) likely any hero will be good to let her fulfill his energy bar.

Eironn with Ferael


This setup is a little different from Safiya’s one, this setup lose damage because lack of Safiy but gains much more CC, reduce health regen and prevents enemy team energy regeneration thanks to Ferael. It’s one of the best team setup to deal with enemies that are prone to CC or like to regen so much health. You certainly expect Eironn to do the most damage here, but you may often be surprised that Lyca will be on top of damage charts! Of course to see that you need to have Lyca’s furniture minimum at 3/9 stage.

Gorvo Stun Lock Team Comp


This lockout team comp relies on Gorvo’s early Crowd Control, Skriath’s 3/9 furniture and Eironn Vortex. After pulling 5 heroes into one place Gorvo is going to stun them all. Unfortunately there will be a chance that it’s not going to work on some enemy team compositions due to not enough burst in this team comp when facing though enemies. At this moment we are testing this team comp and it does well against more squishy targets but doesn’t feel good vs foes that have Brutus in their team. 

Belinda Team Comp


It was used to be one of the strongest AFK Arena team, but now this team comp is a little bit obsolete but it’s still enough for pushing Campaign and King’s Tower stages while having 80 level deficit. This lineup became obsolete because of reliance solely on Belinda and at this moment there are so many different types of CC to lock her up and making you lose stage. Sure, you can still play this setup, but you are going to repeat stages many times just trying to get Belinda to be alive and let her use her ultimate to destroy enemy team.


Lockout Comp


Like said before this team comp is overall the best, even in PvP. Every top ranked arena teams have one formation with these heroes because this formation is overpowered. Twins brings Crowd Control immunity and Haste to team while Ezizh and Tasi focus on CC’ing enemy characters leaving an open field for Talene to inflict damage.

Flora Stall Team comp


This team solely relies on Flora damage and tankiness of other 4 heroes. Tactic for this formation is pretty simple: stay alive as long as possible so Flora can inflict as much damage as possible while reducing Haste of your opponents. This team is the one of the greatest hero setup to counter well-known God Comp. It can be great in climbing Towers of Esperia as well. It is advisable to use this team setup when facing any kind of Lockout team compositions due to Flora’s immunity to Crowd Control and Damage while not on the ground.

5 Faction bonus Graveborn with Celestial


This is an AFK Arena hero formation that relies on controlling the fight while dealing damage and scaling your toughness as the battle goes on. Worth to note is that this team is having 5 faction bonus (25% HP & 25% increased damage) so even when this team doesn’t look so scary on the paper this line-up can really surprise you in the battle.

Gwyneth PvP Team Comp


To be honest it’s not directly Gwyneth comp because you have 3 carries here in this setup to end fights as fast as possible with the initial burst (when first ultimates are fired). If you are unable to burst your enemies with this team you are going to struggle, because besides dodge mechanic and Eironn’s freeze this team doesn’t have any defenses. If your team can survive till their first ultimates you have a really good chance to win a stage because there are few formations that can withstand this much damage.

Satrana’s Team Comp


This team relies heavily on Skreg’s 9/9 furniture which brings crazy buffs around a formation especially with heroes that are likely to fight on the opponents part of the map. Satrana’s burst is really high and she proved herself to be a counter to some tanky formations. Ezizh is here with his ability to group enemies together with his taunt and letting Tidus use his fear on as much enemies as it’s possible. Numisu here is a nice addition for healing and disturbance due to his totems.

Best Faction Tower Setups

Tower of Light (Lightbearers Tower Team)


First team comp uses Belinda as the main damage carry supported by Rowan, Rosaline, Fawkes and Lucius. It is a good overall team comp, however enemy team comps that contains of Ezizh can become problematic. That’s why we have a second team composition and it’s best team in Lightbearers faction to face this crown control monster, because this team comp is not so dependent on ultimate abilities like Belinda’s one and gives you a better chance to win against these control team comps.

The World Tree (Wilders Tower Team)


Tasi is obligatory here for crowd control, else you can get destroyed really easy by some hard enemies. We tested some team comps here and we have been most successful with these two listed above. Of course there can be an opportunity to swap some heroes but we think that Tasi/Lyca/Eironn is a core for Wilders tower thus making them the best team comp for The World Tree.

The Brutal Citadel (Mauler Tower Team)


Maulers is the faction that can have many different setups that could work vs specific team compositions. In first lineup would seem that Safiya will be a main carry and damage dealer, but… Surprisingly it will be Drez! Safiya will be used for buffs and debuffs that her shield provides and let the other 3 heroes tank for Drez to let him wipe enemy team. In second team formation Tidus will be used as a main carry to disrupt enemy team formation and wreak havoc on enemy backline.

The Forsaken Necropolis (Graveborn Tower Team)


Here are the best AFK Arena Team Comps for Graveborn Tower. You can see some team setups here but of course, there is a opportunity to swap some champs for others vs some specific enemies. But most heroes listed in these formations are core characters for team comp so sometime you would need to do some polishing or changing their placement on the battlefield to be successful. One thing is certain, Daimon is a beast here, with good setup he can destroy whole enemy team.

Best Guild Hunt Teams


Best Wrizz Team


This is the best team comp for Wrizz which involves Saurus and Belinda, who deal absurdly high damage here when buffed by trio Elijah & Lailah, Rosaline and Lorsan. 

You can use the second setup alternatively, but first setup is much stronger due to Belinda’s retarded damage here.

Best Soren Team


Warek is the most important hero in this best formation for Soren because he will prevent Soren from damaging your entire formation and additionaly he will lower his resistance. Baden plus Saurus will stack their phantoms on him to do absurdly high damage while healed and buffed by Talene and Twins. Second team is worse but you can still try this setup if you don’t have Talene or other champion from first formation listed here.

Best Twisted Realm Boss Teams


Demonic Entity (Evil Nemora)


Players are fighting this Demonic Entity by damaging her 5 Dreafs that she summons and keep summoning more and more when they die. Best heroes for this battle are characters that deal massive AoE damage and in this term Shemira excels. Other champions in this formation are purely here for buffing Shemira. There isn’t a good substitution to Shemira in this boss fight, so if you don’t have Shemira don’t forget to borrow her from your guildmate or friend.



How to beat Kane?

Kane will kill an ally  at 15, 40 and 65 seconds into the fight dependent on damage dealt by your hero (he always chooses hero who did highest damage in this period). But there is a trick to avoid that killing, you need to use Talene in your formation and let her deal highest damage. Every time Kane uses his special ability to kill your ally hero he will focus on Talene and kill her, but she’s going to be revived by her passive anyway. Daimon and Warek are used here to reduce defenses of Kane and helps you get better score on this boss fight.

Burning Brute


Burning brute team contains of heroes that can deal massive damage with their autoattacks and have good sustain. Izold is placed here but you have to swap him if you don’t have his 3/9 furniture, without that he is useless. You can swap him for Talene or even Wu Kong.

Ice Shemira


The core heroes here are Ezizh and Twins that provides help from Ice Shemira Crowd Control abilities. Certainly you wondering why Ezizh is placed at the back and not at the front of the formation but the answer is very simple. When placed behind he is not getting hit by Shemira’s glacial beam.

Dark Arden – The Unhinged


How to defeat Arden?

This team comp occurs and is repeated many times because overall it’s very good vs most bosses due to Saurus and Grezhul phantoms, Warek’s defense reduction, Rowan energy donation and Twins CC immunity + Haste buff. Don’t forget to use correct relics in this team comp, Dura’s Call for Rowan and Twins, Dura’s Grace for Warek, Dura’s Eye for Grezhul and Dura’s Blade for Saurus. Some people are getting good results with Chaos Bringer on Saurus.

Feel free to comment or even share your own ideas!

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