AFK Arena patch 1.52

Update 1.52 Patch Notes

Patch 1.52 will be a significant update to AFK Arena.

It was published on November 30th, 2020.

Here’s the full changelog for this update.


New Heroes and Unions

1. Added the new Hypogean hero: Mortas – The Insidious.
2. The new hero Mortas – The Insidious will be available to test play from 2020/12/1 00:00 UTC.
3. Mortas’ Bountiful Trials event will be available from 2020/12/1 00:00 UTC.
4. Added the new Union story “The Final Choice”.

New Additions and Optimizations

1. The official Overlord crossover event season for the Abyssal Expedition is about to commence. This season will include Militia Accolades and Ranked Rewards. Players can enroll for this event after completing Stage 15-40 of the Campaign, starting from 2020/12/9 00:00 UTC.
2. A new Misty Valley round is about to commence and will be available from 2020/12/3 00:00 UTC.
3. Added the adventure “Tempestuous Twisters” to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from 2020/12/10 00:00 UTC.
4. Added the adventure “The Howling Wastes” to the Trials of God feature. Players can unlock this adventure by completing Stage 30-30 of the campaign and by completing 100% of the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.
5. Added a new Support Class Exclusive Artifact called ‘Tidebearer’, which can be acquired from the Trials of God – The Howling Wastes instance.
6. A new mode of play called the Dismal Maze has been added to the Arcane Labyrinth, that becomes available after completing Chapter 26 of the campaign and completing the Labyrinth’s Normal Mode 30 times. Players are able to engage in more difficult battles in return for a greater quantity of rewards. The Dismal Maze shall be available to play from 2020/12/4 00:00 UTC.
7. A new version of the Monthly Card and Deluxe Monthly Card has arrived. By activating these two items, players are able to receive reward chests every day. The contents of the reward chests will change according to the player’s VIP level. The new version of the Monthly Card system will be refreshed on 2020/12/1 00:00 UTC.
8. Reduced the difficulty of enemy teams within Chapters 31 through 36 of the campaign. For specifics please refer to the game.
9. Players can now climb up to 480 floors within each respective tower within the King’s Tower feature. Players are required to fight against multiple teams for the newly added floors.
10. Heroes within the Arena of Trials will now uniformly equip level 30 Signature Items and possess 9 pieces of Mythic Furniture.
11. Optimized the interactive logic of multi-team campaign stages.
12. Added a new perk type for VIP levels 8 and above that grants certain battle bonuses within the Misty Valley.
13. Optimized the ability description of the Relic “Dura’s Eye”, so that it is more consistent with its actual effects.

Abyssal Expedition Optimizations

1. Before entering the map, players will be able to choose which side of the map they want to start on. Once a particular side is selected by 35 players, the side will no longer be available for selection.
2. While within the Vault of Time, players can now view which tiles are linked to an ally’s tiles by opening the “Map” located at the bottom right of the screen. Linked tiles are called “Linked” on the key and are displayed in green on the mini-map.
3. Added a new “Resting” period that occurs after a player occupies a tile. During the resting period, other Militia members will not be able to attack any tiles that are adjacent to the recently occupied tile, however, the tile occupier can skip the resting period manually if they choose to.
4. Adjusted the locations of some settlements, making them more condensed than before.
5. Adjusted the health values of the final bosses. Boss Albedo’s health has been reduced by 20%, and Boss Ainz’ health has been increased by 20%.
6. Reworked the Mage Relic ability “Recharge”, which is now called “Absorb”. For specifics, please view the in-game ability description.
7. Removed several enemy formations that were difficult to defeat and added formations that include heroes that were released more recently.
8. Adjusted the contents of some Militia Rewards within the Militia Accolades feature.
9. Adjusted the prices of several Militia Rewards found in the Trading Hub.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

1. Lucretia – The Betrayed
– Made adjustments to the abilities “Hellfire”, “Deathwish”, the Signature Item ability “Animus” and the Exclusive Furniture ability “Blazing Fury”. For specifics, please view the in-game descriptions.

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