In this guide we would like to aggregate useful tips and tricks for AFK Arena. You will find here advices what or not to do. It would be much more beneficial for everyone’s starting this game if they would know them. This guide will be presented as a list because some advices are trivial, but not everyone knows about it and we want to get you covered with knowledge!

These tips and tricks are not only for newbie players, we are sure that some even experienced players are going to be surprised!


AFK Arena Tips and Tricks


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1. Redemption Codes

Everyday check our list of redemption codes, this is your opportunity to gain free resources for nothing!

2. Bookmark

Don’t forget to bookmark site in order to not miss out latest information about game, as well as guides, news and tips. This website is still growing, you will find new AFK Arena related content everyday!

3. Everyday routine

Every 24 hours Daily Quests are being reset as well as some events, guild hunts, arena and much more! Do not forget to login daily and complete your routine to not delay your progress.

4. Store daily routine

Every 24 hours the store’s range is reset and you need to utilize that! Do not buy stuff for Diamonds (unless you are a whale) with exception of Elite Hero Soulstones (They cost 90 diamonds for 5, it’s a steal!), just get your stuff for Gold coins. Everyday buy Hero’s Essence Dust, Emblems and Poe Coins you are going to need them a lot in late game!

5. New Hero reward

Whenever you are getting a new hero (a character you didn’t have a single copy of) you are able to get 100 Diamonds for each new hero. You need to visit his portrait page then go to his story and you can here receive Diamonds prize.

6. Friends in game

Friends in this game are important. Without them you are unable to get Companion Points (which can be exchanged in The Noble Tavern for new heroes). Also thanks to the friends list you can borrow champions from other players, this feature is really important at every stage of the game!

7. Participation in Guild

Guilds are important as well, guilds are providing so much activity in this game (guild hunts, guild shop, events and much more!) so better not miss this out!

8. Rickety Cart

Do not forget to turn on option called Automatically Remove New Common Heroes, you will get some resources from dumping useless green heroes.

9. AFK time

When you are new to game you also have a low VIP rank which prevents you from opportunity to idle for more than 12 hours. After 12 hours rewards will stop, so don’t forget about them and collect them two times per day!

10. Which Heroes Ascend

If you are looking for which hero it would be best to ascend, we would like to answer that  there is no clear solution for this question. It depends on your playstyle, how many copies of each hero do you have and which champion you would like to be your main carry. If you are not so sure about this check out our Endgame tier list!

11. Friends Companion Points

Send your hearts to friend and obtain them everyday in order to fulfill your Companion Points number and gain an option to use them for new heroes pull!

12. Wall of Legends section

Wall of Legends is an area where you can claim free Diamonds whenever some best players on server accomplish something (for example if they beat some Campaign Stage).

13. Barracks

Never buy anything other than Elite Hero Soulstones from this shop, they are the best bang for the buck here.

14. Labyrinth Store

In Labyrinth store you should focus on getting Shemira (she is a fantastic mid game carry) then you can try obtaining other heroes (we are recommending getting Wu Kong and then Arthur).

15. Guild Store

Do not ever attempt to buy gear pieces other than Mythic! When you are in the early stage of game and you don’t have an access into this type of gear just collect these coins and use them in later stage of the game – you are going to thank us for this advice later!

16. Challenger Store

The best purchase here are Ezizh and Athalia. We think that Athalia at this moment is a little less useful than Ezizh so we are advising to go for him, and use every coin to Ascend him as fast as possible.

17. Guaranteed Elite Hero every 30 pulls

Not everyone know that, but after every 30 summons you are guaranteed to get an elite hero. This only applies to normal summons, faction summons but unfortunately it is not applicable for Companion Points. Each type of pull have its own counter, they are not shared, so after 29 normal pulls you won’t get guaranteed elite hero after using 1 faction scroll.

18. Settings tweak

In game settings you can turn on Health Bars and Battle Text while fighting, these information are really helpful on the battle stage!

19. The Noble Tavern

When trying to use normal summon option never go for single summon, always go for 10x option, because it is cheaper (it costs 2700 Diamonds instead 3000 like in 10×1 single pull method). On other type of pulls it doesn’t matter, this discount is not existing for them, you won’t get 11 heroes pulls for your 10 scroll of summons if used all at once.

20. Wishlist in The Noble Tavern

Make sure that you have setup your wishlist, because it increases a chance to get specified heroes thus increasing your chance to pull stronger heroes!

21. Dura’s Tears usage

Do not overuse Dura’s Tears in early game, because sometimes you are going to need them in late game Labyrinth scenarios. Early game normal Labyrinths are quite easy and we are sure that if you are playing properly you won’t need them.

22. Stargazing Room usage

It is not wise to use Stargazer early in the game, because it’s really resource consuming and you are not getting that amount of heroes that you would have from The Noble Tavern. Ignore Stargazing Room usage for Diamonds if you don’t have at least 10 Ascended heroes, just use it with Stargazing Card.

For more information we are recommending to check our Stargazing Room guide!

23. Mail system

Check your mail frequently, most of the time information contained in these messages are important for your playstyle (patches changelogs) also you can obtain free resources there!

24. Ascend Heroes that are being used

Attempt to ascend only the units that you are using most often, don’t promote random hero that is not used by you since you just can.

25. Don’t use Ascended hero as a fodder

This one is critical, do not Ascend your hero by utilizing another Ascended hero (hero who can be promoted to Ascended tier, not every unit can be promoted). If you are doing this, you are speeding up your early game, but also slow down your late game progress.

26. Overleveling your hero in early game

The best way to progress through early game is to overlevel your main dps character instead of leveling 5 heroes at once.

27. Check your friends for inactivity

Delete inactive people from your list because you are not getting any Companion Points nor you can borrow heroes from them!

28. Borrowed heroes usage

Always use borrowed heroes in Guild hunts, Peaks of Time, Labyrinth, Voyage of Wonders and in Twisted Realm events – in these modes you can use your hired heroes as many times as you want!

29. Early game heroes

One of the best early game heroes is Saveas (unfortunately he cannot be ascended), while he is overleveled he can carry your team into mid game! Later you should switch to Shemira and after some time search for another one because she will be going to fall off.

30. Fill your Unions

Continuously fill your Unions in the Library section, because it make your formations stronger.

31. Heroes leveling

Level only 5 heroes because of Resonating Crystal function which can help you to mirror your heroes level to other units without spending additional resources for them.

32. Guild Hunts

If you already have a guild keep in mind that you need to do your chores everyday (Wrizz boss hunt).

33. Resonating Crystal early game usage

Use this feature wisely, in the early stages of the game you are not going to have many free slots there, so choose your champions wisely.

34. Resetting hero in Rickety Cart

Don’t be scared about resetting hero option, it only costs 20 diamonds, you are going to use it multiple times in early game!

35. Bounty Board

Use it everyday it is an another way of obtaining free resources!

36. Arcane Labyrinth power scaling

Power of enemies in Arcane Labyrinth depends on power level of your 5 mightiest units.

37. Arcane Labyrinth Hard mode

If you don’t have a really good team early in the game forget about hard mode in Labyrinth, you can try once, but when u fail just stick to normal mode for a moment. Last chance on normal mode also gives pretty good prizes!

38. Arcane Labyrinth shops

Never, literally never buy something from shops that you are going to see in the Labyrinth. Items there are way overpriced and you can spend only Diamonds to obtain them.

39. Arcane Labyrinth relics

Relics in Arcane Labyrinth do stack, which means the impacts of the relics are added to one another, so you can pick a relic that offers a similar bonus, on numerous occasions if you have the occasion.

40. Restarting fights

In most modes of AFK Arena you can restart the fight before it end (badly for you…). Use this feature wisely, for example don’t let your heroes die in Labyrinth mode, change your heroes formation, move your units and repeat stages until you don’t lose any hero!

41. Auto mode

Try to not use auto mode every time in modes where you have multiple fights on one map. Sometimes you are facing tough opponents and you really need your heroes to have maxed their energy bars at start of the battle!

42. Guild recommending

Try to join to guild with highest level as you can, thanks to it you could have more rewards from guild and it’s going to help you progress through game faster. Worth noting is that you can borrow heroes from your guildmates.

43. Failing Voyage of Wonders

Don’t worry if you couldn’t finish this event successfully, you can always restart it multiple times!

44. Artifacts usage

Be sure to wear artifacts that are the best choice for your hero, if you won’t you will cripple your unit!

45. Arena of Heroes battles

Do all free battles every day (their number is based on VIP rank), stack your Arena Tickets and when you get significant amount use them at end of the day to get better position on ranking and claim better rewards.

46. Mythic Equipment and AFK rewards

Mythic Equipment has a chance to drop from AFK rewards when you finish Chapter 16 – Stage 12, this feature is a really useful in late game, you have a chance to get so much value for doing nothing!

47. Progressing through King’s Tower 

Don’t get upset after your first defeat, try fighting again few times, it is possible to have a better luck in your next attempt!

48. Legend’s Challenger Tournament battles

Do all the battles you have for free to climb as high as you can, higher rank equals to more points per hour which means that you will get your desired heroes faster.

49. Legend’s Challenger Tournament tips

Most players have only 1 good team placed on first stage, try to aim to get 2 good teams on second and third place, you are going to win more battles.

50. Gear buying

Do not buy gear other than Mythic one, it’s a waste of resource.

51. Failing Peaks of Time

Try to not stress if you were unable to complete this adventure, you can restart it unlimited number of times! Here you can find stages where you even HAVE to restart if you want to obtain all rewards!

52. Voyage of Wonders power scaling

Power of enemies in Voyage of Wonders depends on power level of your 5 mightiest units.

53. Gear upgrading

Do not upgrade equipment other than Mythic, it’s not worth.

54. Utilize Factional Advantage

Do not forget about Factional Advantage, because it is a double-edged sword, your opponents also can make a use of that ability.

55. Campaign progressing

Don’t be discouraged after your first failure, try to repeat this stage few times, maybe you are going to have a better luck in next attempt!

56. Change positions of your heroes

It is important to change your heroes positions based on which enemy they are fighting. Do not rely on one static formation, try moving your heroes on the battlefield and maybe in next attempt you are going to be victorious!

57. Utilize Faction Bonus

It is good to have at least 3 man Faction Bonus of your heroes which gives you additional HP and damage for all of your units. If you want to read about other bonuses go here.

58. Stuck in stage? 

AFK Arena is a long journey to the top, it is a idle game, so if changes to formation, different heroes are not helping you all you need to do is… to wait. Gather resources, do your daily routine and after some time when you use these resources to upgrade your units surely you are going to beat this stage!

59. Campaign/King’s Tower stages Walkthroughs 

If you have no idea how to beat specific chapter you can always try to search for it on YouTube and find which heroes other people were using to surpass this stage. Of course there are so many variables to take into account, but you will surely come up with your own way with this!

60. Using resources

Do not to overuse your resource when you don’t need them at your stage. Many chests, piles are being scaled by your player level so they are going to have much higher value in later stages of the game and we are certain that you will be in need for Hero’s Essence in mid game and for Hero’s Experience in late game.

61. Chests in Boss Battles

These chests are automatically gathered at the end of the fight, you don’t need to collect them manually! Don’t worry, you won’t miss any of your prize if you won’t gather it by your own hand.

62. Gear strengthening

Do not strengthen gear apart from Mythic with faction bonus unless you want to cripple yourself.

63. DPS hero in your formation

Do not use more than 2 DPS hero in your formation, you need frontline units and supports to progress through campaign’s chapters! Crowd Control is much more worth than additional damage.

64. Manual usage of Hero Ultimate

During a fight if you turn off Auto mode you can manually use your hero’s ultimate when you want and when it is already available for use. It allows you for playing this game more tactically and win more battles because you are not allowing your heroes to use their ultimate abilities mindlessly. You can use this trick to for example wait for your own heroes ultimate abilities until enemy Lucius shield disappear.

65. Arden hero

Try to have this hero on Elite+ tier, he is very good versus Maulers teams because of his root. He can stop their deadly engages and help you get through difficult campaign stages even when being an lower rarity unit!

66. Link your account with Facebook or Google

By connecting your account to Google or Facebook you can prevent losing your account and game progress if you lost your phone.

To connect your account you need to click on your avatar then press the “Account” button and then click on Link.

67. Complete your Peaks of Time adventures

Amazing and mighty artifacts are waiting for you in some of Peaks of Time stages. Not to mention the other rewards such as Gold, Hero’s Essence, Hero Experience Chests, Soulstones, Emblems, Equipment and much much more! These have a restriction based on campaign progress

68. Remember to use Fast Rewards

Do not forget to use Fast Rewards feature. The best way to utilize this function is to wait until end of the day, because these rewards are scaled from your progress. This won’t be a big difference, but if you are really into min maxing this it the tip for you!

69. Heroes from different Factions

Factions are very important in this game, you cannot rely only on one Faction. Later in the game after chapter 15 you are going to unlock feature called Faction Tower where you will be climbing 4 towers like on normal King’s Tower but with one restriction – you can only use full Faction team.



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