AFK Arena Idle Time


AFK Arena is an idle smartphone game in which one of the main ways to get resources is to AFK. First of all we need to describe what AFK term means – It’s an acronym from “Away From Keyboard” but more correctly description for this game should be “away from the phone”. Whenever you are playing, or you close the game the AFK idle clock is still ticking and prizes in your own chests are still incoming until specified restriction time. At start of the game your maximum AFK time is only 12 hours, so every minute after that time when you don’t collect your resources you are not going to get them more unless you empty the chest.

Values in this idle clock are being incremented every time you complete a campaign’s stage. So for example you are now earning 50 gold per minute, but if you progress through 12 stages you are going to get 80 gold per minute. Each time you progress you are going to see on your screen how much those numbers went up by seeing them with green text and arrow value. There is no difference between claiming your rewards every 1 hour or every 12 hours when you are not progressing through the stages, rewards will remain the same.

AFK Arena Idle Chest

In many RPGs as players progress they experience harder and harder enemies – up to the point when they are too weak to progress. At the point when that occurs, most traditional RPGs gives players an option to grind, killing enemies repeatedly to get some items, gold, experience and other resources. The “grind” in AFK Arena as the name of the game itself indicates is based on waiting. When you encounter a moment, stage, chapter which you cannot beat at this moment, you can do few things with your gear, heroes, but if it doesn’t work, all you can do is to… wait. You need to wait to obtain from your AFK chest experience for your heroes, Hero’s Essence, gold and much more resources in order to progress through the game on multiple modes when stuck.


The max AFK idle time depends on VIP rank whose privileges you can check here.

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